District Overview

Boise skyline at night from train depot

Created in 1959 by voters, the Greater Boise Auditorium District is dedicated to promoting economic activity and growth in the Boise area. Its purpose, as outlined in Idaho Code, Title 67, Chapter 49 is to “serve the public need and promote the prosperity, security, and general welfare” of the District’s residents. To that end, the District is authorized to build, operate, maintain, market, and manage public auditoriums, exhibit halls, convention centers, sports arenas, and similar facilities. View District Bylaws.

In 1990, the Greater Boise Auditorium District completed construction of Boise Centre—the District’s first operating entity and Idaho’s largest convention facility. With the expansion and renovations projects completed in 2017, Boise Centre has the tools necessary to complete for larger convention groups and host multiple meetings and events simultaneously.

Through the years, Boise Centre has consistently proven to be a vital component of the community’s economic health, drawing thousands of visitors annually, who spend monies in hotels, restaurants, transportation, entertainment, retail, and recreational activities. In 2022, Boise Centre generated $26.6 million in local economic benefit. As a public building, Boise Centre makes itself available in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and rules regarding the use of public facilities. View General Guidelines.

A Brief History

While the Greater Boise Auditorium District was established in 1959 several decades would pass before a convention center came to fruition.

The desire to build a convention center became a reality when in late 1985, a mixed use plan was adopted to redevelop much of downtown Boise’s landscape that had been cleared to build a shopping mall. A convention center was viewed as a necessary element, even as a catalyst for a successful downtown.

In 1990, The District completed construction of Boise Centre on the Grove—the District’s first and Idaho’s largest convention center. Today, it is simply known as Boise Centre, hosting dozens of national and regional conventions, bringing tens of thousands of visitors to Boise, where they stay in local hotels, dine, shop, and take advantage of Boise’s diverse entertainment and recreation opportunities.

In 2021, The District entered a public-private partnership with Idaho Competitive Aquatics, LLC. and invested $9.6 million to purchase the land and building for the Greater Boise Aquatic Center (GBAC). The District has no operational involvement in the aquatic center.

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