Boise Centre Expansion Project

Boise Centre Expansion


Created in June 1959 by an overwhelming show of support from voters, the Greater Boise Auditorium District is dedicated to promoting economic activity and growth in the Boise area. Its purpose, as outlined in Idaho Code, is to “serve the public need and promote the prosperity, security, and general welfare” of the District’s residents. To that end, the District is authorized to build, operate, maintain, market and manage public auditoriums, exhibit halls, convention centers, sports arenas, and similar facilities.

In 1990, the Greater Boise Auditorium District completed construction of the Boise Centre on the Grove—the District’s first and Idaho’s largest convention facility. Today, it’s simply known as Boise Centre.

In recent years, the Boise area has grown, becoming a viable and attractive destination for larger events. According to research conducted by planning firm Conventions, Sports & Leisure International, Boise would be the beneficiary of more and larger national, regional and state association events, public shows and other corporate and local uses, if the current facility were expanded. For more than a decade, the District has been exploring various expansion options to accommodate conventions and exhibits more than twice the size of those currently utilizing the Boise Centre. Such events would bring larger numbers of visitors to Boise—visitors who spend money on hotels, retail stores, restaurants, recreation, and tourism.